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WinWatt HidroPlan module

The HidropPlan module is purchasable as an add-on to the following versions of the WinWatt heating package

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Fitting radiators

The optimum flow temperature of the radiators of an existing or a planned system, as well as the heat steps and volumetric flows can be selected by the function under certain rules.

Surface heating-cooling loops diagram

With the help of the diagram it is easy to determine what return temperature is ideal for a desired pressure drop. With this method, the circuits of a given distributor-collector can be made relatively easily, with nearly the same resistance.

Network optimization

When dimensioning the grid, it becomes clear which circuit is the key and the throttle on each valve (stranger and flow valves) to adjust the amount of water to be delivered to the individual consumer in the design state. The choke set during static tuning has the same effect, as the pressure drop of the tube sections, optionally, the pressure drop resulting from the reduction in tube size of the sections may be replaced by an increase in part of the throttle. This is done with due care, the functionality of the system does not deteriorate, but the system will be cheaper, easier to install. Network optimization attempts to perform this task automatically.

The module is constantly being developed and updated.

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