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32 bit WinWatt versions

Developed for 32-bit Windows (95/98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 32-bit and 64-bit), the WinWatt32 program covers a wide area, so we offer several versions of the program.










Building physics l l l l l l l l
Winter heat demand l l l l l l l l
Summer heat load - - l - l l - l
Radiator selection - l - l l l l l
Single pipe loops - - - l - l l l
Surface heating and cooling - - - l - l l l
Heat exchanger sizing - - - - - - l l
Network hydraulics - - - - - - l l
Prices without VAT 25,000 Ft 45,000 Ft 70,000 Ft 80,000 Ft 90,000 Ft 125,000 Ft 125,000 Ft 170,000 Ft
Building energy performance It can be upgraded to any version at a price of 45,000 Ft
Optimum module Optimization for the building energy performance module, cost 25,000 Ft
English language module English-language program for use and documentation, costs 15,000 Ft
gbXML module Creating buildings using a gbXML File, Costing 20,000 Ft
HidroPlan module Hydraulic optimization, price 20,000 Ft
Sun module Calculation of solar panels and solar collectors in building energy, cost 15,000 HUF

When switching between versions, the price of the previous version will be reduced, for example, switching from fecske to gólya will cost  170,000-70,000 = 100,000 Ft. All of our programs are protected by a dongle. The price of the key is 10,000 HUF + VAT. For multiple copies, 100% of the hardware key price for additional copies is 30% of the program priceis charged. In the price of a duplicate, the discount is also taken into account at 30%.

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