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WinWatt network hydraulics

The following versions of the WinWatt heating package include the network hydraulics module

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During hydraulic sizing of the system, the program can be used to create an adjustment plan that is part of the design documentation. The program handles system components such as thermostatic valves, string control valves, overcurrent valves or differential pressure regulators.

Each pipe section can be specified by naming its endpoints. For each section, data can be entered for pipe, pipe insulation, control elements and design resistance.


Based on the entered sections, the network is automatically set up and alerts are received in the event of faulty connections. The diameter of each section can be pre-sized by the program. After completing the hydraulic calculations, it is the user's responsibility to make the network with engineering decisions, for optimum hydraulics. The required diameter changes can be easily made using the function keys and the program automatically resizes the network after the intervention. Because interventions do not involve laborious conversions like those used in manual calculations, the user can examine multiple network variants,choosing the optimal one.


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