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WinWatt energy performance of buildings

The energy performance of buildings module is purchasable as an add-on to the following versions of the WinWatt heating package

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Using the geometric dimensions and heat loss of the rooms, the program calculates the specific heat loss coefficient of the building and compares it with the allowable value based on the surface to volume ratio. The calculation shall be carried out in accordance with the detailed method set out in the Regulation, this means, the program also calculates the radiation gain through the windows.


The net energy demand of the building and the specific energy demand of each mechanical system determine the total energy performance of the building. The program compares this with the value set for the purpose of the building.


When calculating the specific energy requirement of each mechanical system, the program calculates the specific energy demand of the system based on the power factor of the heat generator, the losses of other components of the system and the auxiliary energy requirements.


During the certification process, the building will be certified on the basis of its overall energy performance and allowable values.


Many features make it easy to make suggestions for improving the energy performance of a building, taking into account the effects of various changes. The optimum module is the easiest way to get a comprehensive picture of the effect of many changes at once.

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