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WinWatt floor heating calculator

The following versions of the WinWatt heating technology package include the floor heating calculator module

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Floor heating is dimensioned in two separate work sections. During the thermal engineering design, the heating fields needed for each room can be designed. The program displays a table of performance and surface temperature as a function of system type, floor covering resistance, split density and heating water over temperature.
These can be used to create a combination of surfaces of any size. The optimization algorithm built into the program helps you to find the best allocation for your desired heat release.


When designing heating loops, the same loops must be specified when designing the heating circuits. The fields may also belong to different rooms, so the length and heat dissipation of the connecting line of the circuit can be taken into account in the calculation. In the calculation, both bifilar-guided,
all cooling of the connected fields is taken into account. By varying the temperature step or the mass flow rate of the heating medium, the resistance of each circuit can be compensated. The effect of these changes on the heat output is automatically taken over.


On the basis of the division, the program also calculates pipe lengths and the amount of additional system components that serve as a basis for the budget.

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