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WinWatt summer heat load calculation

The following versions of the WinWatt heating software package include summer heat load calculation

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Summer heat load calculation is based on MSZ-04.140-4 / 78, in parallel with winter heat demand calculation.

Specifying boundary structures is facilitated by the construction of the structure database. The structure data can be calculated using the building physics module or directly. The orientation and tilt of the structures can be arbitrary;


Based on the design internal temperature value, the program calculates the transmission and radiation heat loads for the enclosures (separately for the wall and separately for the glazed exterior surfaces). The histogram displays hourly values ​​for each type of heat load.


Internal heat loads such as human heat release, lighting, filtration, material handling and other heat loads can also be specified. The calculation also takes into account the daily evolution of the internal heat loads based on the specified time interval.


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